Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Since my family lived in a mountain barangay, where most of the time do not have an easy access to market. My husband made his own version of fishing rod, using long nylon string (50 meter) with lots of fish hooks half foot apart.

He set his things ready to go to shore during the night, and wake up at 3AM at dawn and walk his way downhill and go with fellow fishermen. He has a small wooden boat where he used in fishing. His fellow fishermen help each other to set out their wooden boat to the water. Since they cannot carry the boat by themselves, it is too heavy.

They all went to the open sea, with their homemade fishing equipments. Using a wooden paddle, they paddle their way towards the deeper ocean. Trying their luck to catch fish. They were off until 10AM.

Today, my husband texted me, he was so happy he caught 3 big sword fish. One weighs over 3 kilos, the other 2 weighs almost a kilo each. They have make a fish "tinola" (fish soup with horse radish leaves) and rest of the fish, fried or stewed.

I am also happy my husband is very skillful, he knows how to live a very simple life.



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