Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little reminder from Dad..

As I was getting myself ready for work today 5:45AM, I heard a beeping sound for a text message on my mobile phone. I was in a hurry I was almost late for work.

I opened it quickly and read. I haven't noticed I was smiling upon reading the message. From my dearest husband saying "Mama, Good Morning, WE LOVE YOU SO mUCH". This makes a good start for a beautiful day. Little sweet gestures from our Loved ones makes us feel alive and comfortable.

Seems like I can go all day in the office and keep my head stock in a bunch of Customer Service Works. Work, work, work, I don't mind! Cause I am so inspired for the day. Reminds me that I work for the family. I work for the people I love.


Sheila said...

lucky to have one...^_^


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