Wednesday, April 28, 2010

 I came to think of my eldest daughter Syfra who is only two years and five months old. Everytime I get to be with her during my days off from work, She often wants to talk to me a lot. I can see her showing her own unique way in telling me what she wants. What she wanted to wear after she takes a bath. Specially during her meals, she is very picky on what she wanted or not to eat.

She loves to eat hotdogs. Always requests for a new pair of sandals, fliplops, or slippers. The best I love about her is she wanted to sing a lot. Even if she still don't get the lyrics right, she sings along with her favorite tune. She is very playful, and loves to eat ice cream.

Everytime I call her Papa on his mobile phone, she is running her way to him and grab the phone and then speak to me. Asking "Mama, when will you be here?" "Will you buy me ice cream?" "Mama, I am tooth hurts''. My heart melted for my young girl. I wanted to be with her all the time but I can't.

I find her so moody that there are also instances that We are together, she doesn't wanna make friends with me. Specially when she have tantrums, all she wanted is her "Lola" (grandmother).
And she also hits her younger sister, specially when she sees her wearing her old dress, or her shoes. She screams "That is mine!" "Take it off!", she even pulls away a toy that her younger sister is holding.
But sometimes she is very playful and sweet to her baby sister. She hugs her and kisses her. But the best thing I love about my moody little girl, is that when she tells me "Mama, I love you".

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As I am most of the time away from family, and is working here in the city. I often think of my beloved little kids, my dearest husband. The life they have in the province( which is a 4 hours ride in a bus from the city, Samboan, South Cebu).

You can see lots of greens everywhere. Trees, grass, you can even hear birds all over. Wide land for farming. You feel very close with nature.

Knowing me and my husband and kids are still living with my in laws, the house is located in an uphill almost 1 kilometer away from the national road.

You can even see the ocean and the opposite island overlooking.  What a great view indeed! Fresh air, fresh water which comes from the purest virgin rain forest. Fruits, root crops. 
Only means of transportation is through motorbike "habal-habal". That can carry 3 persons even 4 for some of them.
With a very rough roads to take uphill, during rainy days I prefer not to take a ride and just walk my way off downhill than to risk my life riding on the motorbike when the road gets very slippery and muddy.

While on the other hand, when rainy seasons come, my father in law prepare the fields and take "Mandy" the good young carabao to help him plow the fields. After plowing the fields, it is then ready to be planted with corn seeds. Once seed is planted and hoping for the heavens to pour over the rains, he then wait for the seeds to grow just a little about 5 inches tall from the ground. Then is needed to be fertilized. Each corn plant.

And most people have at least 2 or more pigs for fattening and takes only 3-4 months can be sold for Php 5,000-6,000 if it reached 80-100kgs.

Indeed life there is very simple and peaceful. And almost all people know each other's names. LOL. 

During the afternoons, I often caught the beautiful sunset. Slowly making its way to set in it's calm resting. Its amazing rays turned almost a shade of orange. Beautiful isn't it?!
This is our own simple way living away from the city lights. Living easy, living healthy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Husband called me up Saturday night, our two year old toddler Syfra is teething. Her second molars (found at the very back of the the mouth on the top and bottom) have begun coming into place. She has swelling gums and gave her a very bad mood swings. She doesn't like to eat solid foods at all.

The teething comes in wit h fever. Syfra had fever, coughing and colds associated with her teething.

Last night, I texted my husband checking on our little girls, twas almost 10pm, Blessy, our youngest baby girl who just turned 1 year. My husband had a hard time getting the baby into a deep sleep, she also have her teething process, She already has her two bottom and top middle teeth came out, and now causing again discomfort, the ones coming out from the sides of the middle teeth, bottom and top.

The teething causes her fever, cough and cold. As I am far from her, I am very much eager to take away my daughter's pain.

Good Lord, I hope they will go through with the process of teething just fine. I hope they can go through this as quick as it could get.

I have read on babycenter about teething. Though experts disagree that teething has symptoms:

• Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
• Gum swelling and sensitivity
• Irritability or fussiness
• Biting behavior
• Refusing food
• Sleep problems

What can I do to ease my baby's discomfort?

Give your child something to chew on, such as a firm rubber teething ring or a cold washcloth. If your baby is old enough to eat solids, he may also get some relief from cold foods such as applesauce or yogurt. Giving him a hard, unsweetened teething cracker such as zwieback to gnaw on is another time-honored trick. (Avoid carrots, as they can be a choking hazard.) Simply rubbing a clean finger gently but firmly over your baby's sore gums can ease the pain temporarily, too.

If these methods aren't working, some doctors recommend giving a teething baby a small dose of children's pain reliever such as infants' acetaminophen — but check with your doctor before giving your baby any medication. (Never give your baby aspirin or even rub it on his gums to ease the pain. The use of aspirin in children is associated with Reye's syndrome, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition.)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here is a video clip on Beautiful Beach spots in and around Cebu. Nice to have a summer getaway with family and friends.

When I first heard the song, It moved me a lot. I cried. I long for my Father so much. I love him. Though not even a memory of him, I can never recall he showed us love. I knew he loved my mother so much.

My mother had someone else, and had our family broken. I knew my father is a good man. Me and my siblings long for him so much.

I never did have a good childhood, I was left a responsibility that was supposed to be for a mother. Cared over 4 siblings as I am the eldest of five.

I somewhat understand how my father was feeling. Me and my siblings were too much affected. Specially how our father reacted to the situation our mother had as in.

When I got married to my husband, I see a "good father in him". The thing I long too much for myself, the feeling of having a loving a father. I am happy.....for I know that my children would always remember that they have a very loving and responsible father.

I wanted to dedicate this song to the two men I my father....and to my loving husband.

The music of “I Have Fallen In Love (With The Same Woman Three Times),” was composed by Jose Mari Chan from a poem written by Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. for Cory Aquino at Fort Bonifacio on Oct. 11, 1973 for their 19th wedding anniversary.

Joe Mari did the music, he said all in 15 minutes in 1987 and recorded it for his album Constant Change in 1989.

The song is again being replayed on the radio and television as background music for the coverage of Tita Cory’s wake.

“I prayed to Ninoy and to the Holy Spirit for guidance before I wrote the music,” Joe Mari said.

“Actually, I was given a two-week deadline because they wanted to play the song as part of the commemoration of Ninoy’s death anniversary (Aug. 21). The inspiration simply flowed like a quiet river. You can never fail with the Holy Spirit guiding you.”

Ninoy’s poem was actually long but Jose Mari set into music only the first portion which chronicles Ninoy’s feelings when he first met Tita Cory, when he fell in love with her, when Tita Cory gave birth to their first child and, while he was in prison, when Tita Cory stood as the sole supporter and pillar of strength and hope of the family. The second portion was somewhat political.

“When I made Tita Cory listen to the song the first time,” recalled Jose Mari, “she liked it instantly. She even wrote me a thank-you note.”

Friday, April 23, 2010

In my husband's  hometown Samboan,  located at the south most part of Cebu. Most people there earn a living through backyard swine/hog raising. Mostly they raise pigs. In just 3-4 months time, they are ready to be converted to money.

It somewhat interest me to invest in this very profitable business. Let's say I can start with a Sow (mother pig) when she conceived it takes 114-120 days, then she gave birth normally to 5-8 piglets on her first time of delivery. Weaning of piglets takes 2-3 weeks, needs vaccinations, vitamins, and deworming. 

After a month of weaning the piglets I can sell them for Php1,500-1,800 per piglet. 
A good investment. After giving birth 4-6 weeks, the mother pig wants to conceive again. 

Just takes a little extra effort, hands on, and capital/money. Will consider this one soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I wanted to share with you a little secret why I got my husband so in love. It's my cooking expertise. I love to cook for the family. For special occasions, and I bet you wouldn't believe, I even cooked for our Civil Wedding Day, and even cooked on our first baby's Christening Day, my kids Birthday. Love, love, love to cook.

And I wanted to share with you my list of Menu:

1.Oriental Pork-very rich in Vitamin B1 (thiamin)
Easy to prepare. Got this from Delmonte products which I prefer to use other than any brands.

2 stalks    green onions, sliced into 1" pieces
1 pc    medium green bell pepper, cut into 1/4" thick strips
1/2 kg    pork lomo ( tenderloin), sliced into wide strips
1/2-1 tbsp    curry powder
2 tbsp    all-purpose flour, dissolved in 1 cup water
1 pc    chicken bouillon cube
1 pouch    DEL MONTE Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce
1/2 cup    frozen/ cooked green peas
1/2 cup    canned whole kernel corn

2.Festive Chicken-Excellent source of Niacin- promotes normal digestion and healthy skin

1 kg    chicken breast and thigh, cut into serving portions
4 cloves    garlic, crushed
1 can    button mushrooms, sliced
1 pc each    large red and green bell pepper, cut into cubes
1/4 c    pitted green olives, sliced crosswise
1 pouch    DEL MONTE Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce
1/4 c    chopped fresh parsley, (optional)
1/3 c    butter
2 tbsp    all-purpose flour
1 pc    small onion, chopped
1/2 c    all-purpose cream
1/3 c    water

3.Buttered Crispy Chicken -our All time Favorite


* CHICKEN- 1kilo
* BUTTER- 2tablespoons
* GARLIC POWDER- 1/2teaspoon
* BLACK PEPPER POWDER- 1/4teaspoon
* SALT- 3teaspoons
* CORN STARCH- 7tablespoons

4.Pork Afritada- which is always present in any occasion
2 lbs pork, chopped
1 big potato, cut into wedges
1 big carrot, cut into wedges
3 pieces dried bay leaves
2 cups tomato sauce
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 ½ cups beef or pork broth
1 cup bell pepper, diced
1 tsp garlic, minced
1 cup onion, chopped
2 tbsp cooking oil
salt to taste

5.Fish Escabeche-love it hmmm..


whole tilapia fish
carrots(cut in strips)
garlic(cut in strips)
sweet and sour mix
A little bit of rosemary leaves

*deep fried tilapia 

I still have these recipes handwritten on my old cook notebook. I love to cook them and best part is.....EATING!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I consider these kids as my precious little ones, they make me laugh a lot, they sweep away all my stress from a long and busy days at work.

We often spend a simple weekend together. Well most of the time, even on legal holidays, my work requires my presence a lot.

So I see to it that every moment I am with my little kids, I also play along with them. And make them feel I am "mama".

Pamper, care, appreciate, and talk a lot, especially on my two year old girl. She talks a lot, ask lots of questions.

When I am not too busy, I always check on developments of my two kids, as I am a member of babycenter, I get ideas from them, how to handle, how to manage. I learned a lot.

It is a real good feeling of being a mom.

Building a home is like building your every dream. Dreaming of things you wanted to do once you have finished the "fruit of hardwork". Imagining living with your family the sweetest way.

Though not that easy as it may seem, starting up your own home requires hardships, patience, and a lot of love. Loving every little detail, every little step towards making dreams come true.

When me and my husband decided to start up the "project", we discussed every detail. From location, home design, size, labor, and of course billings. Money. Budget is tight.

We have chosen to the location is in Samboan, South of Cebu, a 4 hours ride in a bus. Where it is my husband's hometown.

After my husband got his benefits from a long 13 years in service at an international electronics and parts manufacturing company here in Cebu, we have used half of the money investing into buying our own small residential lot, (150 sq. meters) and decided to build our little home.

We have used up all our resources, I am glad my father in law is a carpenter, not to mention also a farmer and a fisherman as well. LOL He made a rough estimate on the materials.

As I do not have any idea about "being an architect/engineer" I leave them all to my husband as he is talented enough to make the floor plan, and a final house design through autocad.

It started 5 men at work, my husband, my father in law, 2 helpers (laborer) and also from the family with a good heart, my father in law's brother.

While I am at work here in the city, I always make a follow up on my husband as to what are the developments. During weekends, specially when it hits the payday, I usually go home and spend my weekend with family.

As I am also a mother of two. A little 1 year old baby girl Blessy, and a 2 year and 5 months old little girl Syfra.

This is called a life's balancing act, being a mom, not just an ordinary mom, a working mom, a loving wife, a good daughter in law, a very accommodating sister in law and all that. haaai....

Got to be real strong to pursue and be consistent to always look forward in achieving very goal.


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