Friday, April 23, 2010

Backyard Hog/Swine Raising

In my husband's  hometown Samboan,  located at the south most part of Cebu. Most people there earn a living through backyard swine/hog raising. Mostly they raise pigs. In just 3-4 months time, they are ready to be converted to money.

It somewhat interest me to invest in this very profitable business. Let's say I can start with a Sow (mother pig) when she conceived it takes 114-120 days, then she gave birth normally to 5-8 piglets on her first time of delivery. Weaning of piglets takes 2-3 weeks, needs vaccinations, vitamins, and deworming. 

After a month of weaning the piglets I can sell them for Php1,500-1,800 per piglet. 
A good investment. After giving birth 4-6 weeks, the mother pig wants to conceive again. 

Just takes a little extra effort, hands on, and capital/money. Will consider this one soon.



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