Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moody Ate (Big Sister)

 I came to think of my eldest daughter Syfra who is only two years and five months old. Everytime I get to be with her during my days off from work, She often wants to talk to me a lot. I can see her showing her own unique way in telling me what she wants. What she wanted to wear after she takes a bath. Specially during her meals, she is very picky on what she wanted or not to eat.

She loves to eat hotdogs. Always requests for a new pair of sandals, fliplops, or slippers. The best I love about her is she wanted to sing a lot. Even if she still don't get the lyrics right, she sings along with her favorite tune. She is very playful, and loves to eat ice cream.

Everytime I call her Papa on his mobile phone, she is running her way to him and grab the phone and then speak to me. Asking "Mama, when will you be here?" "Will you buy me ice cream?" "Mama, I am tooth hurts''. My heart melted for my young girl. I wanted to be with her all the time but I can't.

I find her so moody that there are also instances that We are together, she doesn't wanna make friends with me. Specially when she have tantrums, all she wanted is her "Lola" (grandmother).
And she also hits her younger sister, specially when she sees her wearing her old dress, or her shoes. She screams "That is mine!" "Take it off!", she even pulls away a toy that her younger sister is holding.
But sometimes she is very playful and sweet to her baby sister. She hugs her and kisses her. But the best thing I love about my moody little girl, is that when she tells me "Mama, I love you".


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

She's very cute. My daughter will be 3 in July & she's so moody too.

Stacey @ ecomodern mom said...

Hi stopping by from Ecomodern Mom. She is really precious!

kristine said...

Hi Marichu. Stopping by from mbc. thanks for your invite to be a 'friend'. I am a Filipina too but currently living abroad. I'm now following you and hopefully will be visiting your blog again. You have two lovely daughters. Have a lovely day. Pls drop by my blog and follow too if you get the chance. My blog- The Salad Bowl Mommy I hope the linking works. If not, just click on my name.


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