Wednesday, April 21, 2010

active and playful kids!!

I consider these kids as my precious little ones, they make me laugh a lot, they sweep away all my stress from a long and busy days at work.

We often spend a simple weekend together. Well most of the time, even on legal holidays, my work requires my presence a lot.

So I see to it that every moment I am with my little kids, I also play along with them. And make them feel I am "mama".

Pamper, care, appreciate, and talk a lot, especially on my two year old girl. She talks a lot, ask lots of questions.

When I am not too busy, I always check on developments of my two kids, as I am a member of babycenter, I get ideas from them, how to handle, how to manage. I learned a lot.

It is a real good feeling of being a mom.



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