Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As I am most of the time away from family, and is working here in the city. I often think of my beloved little kids, my dearest husband. The life they have in the province( which is a 4 hours ride in a bus from the city, Samboan, South Cebu).

You can see lots of greens everywhere. Trees, grass, you can even hear birds all over. Wide land for farming. You feel very close with nature.

Knowing me and my husband and kids are still living with my in laws, the house is located in an uphill almost 1 kilometer away from the national road.

You can even see the ocean and the opposite island overlooking.  What a great view indeed! Fresh air, fresh water which comes from the purest virgin rain forest. Fruits, root crops. 
Only means of transportation is through motorbike "habal-habal". That can carry 3 persons even 4 for some of them.
With a very rough roads to take uphill, during rainy days I prefer not to take a ride and just walk my way off downhill than to risk my life riding on the motorbike when the road gets very slippery and muddy.

While on the other hand, when rainy seasons come, my father in law prepare the fields and take "Mandy" the good young carabao to help him plow the fields. After plowing the fields, it is then ready to be planted with corn seeds. Once seed is planted and hoping for the heavens to pour over the rains, he then wait for the seeds to grow just a little about 5 inches tall from the ground. Then is needed to be fertilized. Each corn plant.

And most people have at least 2 or more pigs for fattening and takes only 3-4 months can be sold for Php 5,000-6,000 if it reached 80-100kgs.

Indeed life there is very simple and peaceful. And almost all people know each other's names. LOL. 

During the afternoons, I often caught the beautiful sunset. Slowly making its way to set in it's calm resting. Its amazing rays turned almost a shade of orange. Beautiful isn't it?!
This is our own simple way living away from the city lights. Living easy, living healthy.



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