Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heat stroke is one condition where the body temperature raises too high, this is caused by extreme exposure to heat temperatures. Summer is where heat stroke attacks are frequent. Heat stroke can be fatal if not treated properly. You need to know some safety tips on how to deal with heat related illness and prevent it from coming and may ruin our summer activities.

Summer is when the temperatures are very hot; we still love to do our summer activities outdoors. We can prevent heat stroke and dehydration by drinking plenty of pure water. Water replenishes our body and keep us hydrated and will keep us feeling refreshed all day. If you have activities outdoors, you sweat excessively and you need to keep your temperature down by drinking lots of water frequently during the day. Avoid drinking alcohols as they can dehydrate us.

As much as possible; stay away from over exposure to the sun. Find a place that is cool and windy but you can still enjoy your outdoor activities or your family bonding. A shade of a big tree will surely help us keep a cool temperature.

You need to wisely select your comfort clothes like walking shorts for jogging or just taking a walk. A comfortable shirt you can wear, and match them with a pair of your favorite sunglasses and your sneakers or rubber shoes or even your flip flops will do great. You can also add sun visors on or your favorite cap.

Always keep your body cool, take a clean and cool bath everyday before going outside. This will help you feel refreshed. Do not forget to bring along bottled water every time you take on the outdoors. If you want something refreshing, you can make a homemade fresh orange juice or lemonade for added taste. You can even drink hydrating flavored drinks available at your local grocery stores.

If you notice you are feeling a bit of exhaustion because of the warm weather, try to sit and relax for a moment, and drink your cold pure water. Take a deep breathe, inhale deep and exhale for a few seconds. This will keep you relaxed a keep your cool. Try stay at places where you can see lots of greens, trees and plants around. This will help a lot.


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