Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting a home-not easy..

Building a home is like building your every dream. Dreaming of things you wanted to do once you have finished the "fruit of hardwork". Imagining living with your family the sweetest way.

Though not that easy as it may seem, starting up your own home requires hardships, patience, and a lot of love. Loving every little detail, every little step towards making dreams come true.

When me and my husband decided to start up the "project", we discussed every detail. From location, home design, size, labor, and of course billings. Money. Budget is tight.

We have chosen to the location is in Samboan, South of Cebu, a 4 hours ride in a bus. Where it is my husband's hometown.

After my husband got his benefits from a long 13 years in service at an international electronics and parts manufacturing company here in Cebu, we have used half of the money investing into buying our own small residential lot, (150 sq. meters) and decided to build our little home.

We have used up all our resources, I am glad my father in law is a carpenter, not to mention also a farmer and a fisherman as well. LOL He made a rough estimate on the materials.

As I do not have any idea about "being an architect/engineer" I leave them all to my husband as he is talented enough to make the floor plan, and a final house design through autocad.

It started 5 men at work, my husband, my father in law, 2 helpers (laborer) and also from the family with a good heart, my father in law's brother.

While I am at work here in the city, I always make a follow up on my husband as to what are the developments. During weekends, specially when it hits the payday, I usually go home and spend my weekend with family.

As I am also a mother of two. A little 1 year old baby girl Blessy, and a 2 year and 5 months old little girl Syfra.

This is called a life's balancing act, being a mom, not just an ordinary mom, a working mom, a loving wife, a good daughter in law, a very accommodating sister in law and all that. haaai....

Got to be real strong to pursue and be consistent to always look forward in achieving very goal.



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