Monday, May 3, 2010

Nice Weekend!

I had a very nice weekend with my family. Saturday night, After I had all my work for the day done. I went straight to the mall to do my groceries, after all it was payday.

First on the list, Milk: 2 kilograms infant milk for my 0ne year old baby Blessy and for my two year old girl Syfra. I picked up a pack of 20's for disposable diaper. Right in the middle of my grocery shopping, My husband called me up requesting for a half gallon of ice cream as He and Syfra loves to eat ice cream. I requested the bagger to wrap the ice cream container with paper to avoid melting too quickly.

I finally got home after 4 hours trip down South of Cebu(Samboan). It was almost 10PM, I did not catch Syfra awake. Her Papa told me Syfra waited for me for hours and for the ice cream. Her Papa tried to wake her up, but Syfra was in her deep sleep.

The following morning Sunday, only my Mother in Law and Syfra had the chance to hear Mass. As it is very difficult to get baby Blessy ready on an early mornings. My father in law also woke up so early and get himself ready for the shore to went fishing with his friends.

Right on the afternoon as we get the kids into their routine, "siesta" (afternoon nap). Me and my husband get dressed up heading for the small town. We had to look for vehicle/automobile used oils for wood treatment before we can do roofing for our on going construction of our little home. But Syfra overheard us talking, she woke up and said "Papa I want to go with you and Mama" We had no choice but to bring her along. LOL

We first took a half hour in the only small internet cafe in town, I was opening my facebook and Blog account when Syfra was so amused seeing her photos in the computer monitor with the rest of the family.

We had fun together and I value my time spent with my family.



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