Friday, May 7, 2010

Missing Kids back Home..

Beep..beep..another text message I received from my husband back home. "Hello Gat, How are you doing? I am worried you might be out of budget now for your allowance until your next payday."

I just had my dinner, I stopped by a barbeque stand on the way to my place. Got myself 4 pcs of hanged rice (puso') barbequed pork and a stick of chicken hotdog.

I knew my husband worried about the fact I left home with just Php350 in my pocket. I gave him a little money for additional materials for the house that we are starting to build. And I left myself just a little, I knew I can get a cash advance for my allowance for the rest of the week before payday.

I sent him back a message, "Don't worry Dad, I think this will do until payday. I got cash advance for my allowance, you need not worry". I told him I think I won't make it to go home this coming payday, I will save the money for my fare and add it to the budget for adding up materials for the house. I guess I just have to send you over the groceries for the kids and the money.

I wish I could be with my kids, and my husband that often. But there are things that we need to sacrifice for some reason.



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