Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to grow a healthy hair?

My eldest daughter Syfra whom is two year old toddler loves to comb and style her hair. But as I see it, she does not have hair that much glossy and shiny hair. Since her birth, we have not cut her hair.

When she was still infant, she used to be bald with very very thin hair, we waited until she turned one year old but still her hair never grew fast. We used coconut milk, wiped it into her hair before she takes a bath.

Now that is two years old, her hair still in her shoulder length, with waves and they are thin, they are never shiny or glossy.

Not until last Monday, I decided to cut her hair short, get rid of the curls and waves. I asked her first if she wanted to have her hair cut short, she nodded and said yes. So I get a pair of scissors and hair brush, and immediately cut her hair short.

And she liked it. She loved her new hair. I just hope this thing works and will make her hair grow faster, more glossy and thick.



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