Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grocery Items on the List

Since today is my payday, I have created a list for the things needed within 2 weeks. Budget is tight today so I'm just gonna have important things on the shopping cart.
Fist on the list:

1)Medicines: 1 x 60ml Bactrim (Cotrimoxazole) Anti-bacterial, Tempra (Paracetamol),
Nasatapp (Anti-histamine & Decongestant)

2)Vitamins: Kiddie Pharmaton

3) Milk: 1 x2000g(2kg) Nido Jr 1+, 1x 1800g Nido Fortified Full Cream

4)Disposable Diaper: 1x 20's Huggies Dry

5)Milk Baby Bath: Johnson & Johnsons

6)Biscuits: 1xcan/box approx. Php160

7)Canned Goods: Sardines, Corned Beef


9)Sliced Bread:

10)Whole Squash: 2.5kgs x Php18/kl

I guess that would be all in my list. Budget on hand is Php2,000.



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